DOWNtown  Wine Tasting

Thursday Nov. 16 from 5-7pm

We have indeed gone to the dogs! It’s getting colder every day and our furry friends deserve a warm and safe place this winter. With our dog friends in mind a portion of proceeds from wines bought at this tasting will go HOWS (Houses Of Wood & Straw). The HOWS Project is a community service project which has specially built and delivered over 600 wooden dog houses, to outside dogs in Charlottesville and surrounding counties in need of more appropriate outdoor shelter.

Sadly many dogs find themselves outside alone, at the end of a chain or in a tiny pen, and without appropriate shelter. In addition to dog houses HOWS recipients from current and past years receive bales of straw bedding each fall/winter season; and other items such as water buckets, food bowls, nylon collars, leashes, and swivels to keep tethers from kinking are distributed as needed. Additionally HOWS strive to further educate dog guardians on the proper care and treatment of outside dogs; and push for (continued) improvements to our local animal welfare codes. For more information on HOWS you can go to their website

Additionally We are featuring wines from Wine Vendor Broadbent. Bartholomew Broadbent is a devoted dog lover who sits on the Board of the Richmond SPCA and on their Fur Ball committee. We will be tasting a nice array of wines including a sparkling Rose, Madeira and a Ten Year Old Tawny Port.

We will also raise a glass in honor of our own special wine shop dog, Milosc. Milosc was our official wine store greeter who passed away last month, so we will honor him and other winery dogs in this special tasting.

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