Wines from Ancient Lands: Armenia & Bulgaria

Uptown, 5-7 pm, Thursday 26 January 2017

These wines surprised us, and were uniformly good. Importer Roger Hayak was a diplomat posted to Bulgaria, and saw the recent rise in the quality of Bulgarian wine up close. Now he brings them to America, along with wines from Armenia, with his company G & B Importers. Read Dave McIntyre’s column on Hayak’s wines in the Washington Post.


  • Karas, Extra Brut NV (Arat Valley, Armenia) – $15.99
  • Ch. Burgozone, Chardonnay “Collection” 2012 (Danubian Plain, Bulgaria) – $22.99
  • Karas, Classic White 2014 (Armenia) – $14.99
  • K Cellars, Pinot Noir 2011 (Thracan Valley, Bulgaria) – $12.99
  • Bulgariana, Bulgariana Gamza 2015 (Thracan Valley, Bulgaria) – $11.99
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