“Molto Benne” Italian Wines with Importer Diego DeCorte

We love Italian wine. Especially ones imported by our friend Diego DeCorte. Come meet Diego and taste his wines. We will taste a complex white from the Piemonte, Gavi; a Pinot Grigio from Trentino; a lovely and expressive Malvasia from Emilia Romagna; a pair of complex, playful Tuscan wines from Guado al Melo. Throw in two sparklings: a Prosecco and a Lambrusco, now that’s a tasting! Ciao!


Uptown, 2-5 pm, Saturday 7/22


  • Carra, Prosecco Brut (100% Glera; The Veneto, Italy)
  • Tenuta la Piccola, Malvasia Dell’Emilia Secco (100% Malvasia; Emilia Romagna, Italy)
  • Gaierof, Pinot Grigio (100% Pinot Grigio; Trentino, Italy)
  • Fontanassa, Ca Adua Gavi DOCG (100% Cortese; Piemonte, Italy)
  • Montesole, Fiano (100% Fiano; Campania, Italy)
  • Guado al Melo, Bianco (White Blend; Tuscany, Italy)
  • Tenuta la Piccola, Lambrusco Nero di Cio (Lambrusco; Emilia Romagna, Italy)
  • Guado al Melo, Antilo (Red Blend; Tuscany, Italy)
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