di Lenardo, Chardonnay Friuli 2016

When we tasted Massimo’s amazing Chardonnay, we were smitten. Lush, plush, smooth, juicy and full of flavor it has just enough acidity to keep it lively and refreshing. The Italian judges of Gambero Rosso agree, they awarded it Tre Bicchieri (Three Glasses), Italy’s highest wine award. For a $13 wine! (The average cost of Tre Bicchieri wines is about $30.) Massimo used the aromatic Musque clone of Chardonnay which resulted in this stunning wine golden in color with aromas of mango, yellow apple, and tropical fruits. 

Bravo Massimo!

On Sale For $10.96 

Through 2/5/18
Regularly $12.99
Open for tasting every day

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