Wines of Kermit Lynch

Wine Tasting, Friday 9 February 2018, 5-7:30 pm

Sommariva, Rosato Spumante NV – $17.99, Tasting Price – $15.96
(90% Raboso, 10% Pinot Noir; The Veneto, Italy)
“The first gourmand to eat an oyster or an artichoke must have been truly brave, but imagine the delight of discovering the deliciousness of a wine with effervescence. I often hear of some folks’ trepidation about needing an “occasion” to serve a sparkling wine, but my feeling is that we owe it to those adventurous souls who paved the way for us, especially with a joyous Rosato like this one. With delicate bubbles skipping across the surface, fresh aromas of strawberries and golden raspberries bursting forth, and a lively sweet-tart finish, we must have no qualms about celebrating the existence of the sparkle itself!” —Jennifer Oakes

Kuentz-Bas, Vin de Alsace Blanc 2016 – $16.99, Tasting Price – $14.96
(50% Sylvaner, 30% Muscat, 20% Auxerrois; Alsace, France)
Importer Kermit Lynch says it best: “Purity, freshness, & charm. Those are the first impressions. While generously aromatic, it delivers its Alsatian character with delicacy. The palate is round, flavorful, and dry. It shows the charm and harmony of the vintage, and the floral, fruity qualities typical of the region.” And his son Anthony shows that Lynch charm: “Vinified just barely off-dry, it has a heady perfume that could be described in a painfully long list of obscure flowers and fruit subvarieties. Instead, I opt for the following descriptors: smile-inducing, spiritlifting, day-brightening, giggle-inspiring, worry-reducing. And a hint of peaches.”

Tentua la Pergola, Monferrato Rosso 2015 – $16.99, Tasting Price – $14.96
(Barbera, Dolcetto, Bonarda, Freisa, Croatina; Piemonte, Italy)
“Now that it is officially autumn, one thing is on many people’s minds: the great vacation you took a few months ago. Some of you went to Italy. For those of you who didn’t (like me), just imagine you did. After leaving Turin, heading toward Cinque Terre, you stopped at a hillside village for lunch. The host-chef-owner greeted you in Italian and intuited that you were thirsty. Small glasses and a carafe of red wine came to the table without your asking. Normally you wouldn’t have wine with lunch, but, heck, it was on the table. You took a sip, and it was perfect—light fruit, like crushed black cherries and pomegranates, a whiff of dried roses. And it was refreshing, way better than the glass of ice water that you weren’t going to get anyway.” —Clark Z. Terry

Cantina Valpane, Grignolino dei Monferrato Canalese “Euli” 2015 – $19.99, Tasting Price – $17.96
(100% Grignolino; Piemonte, Italy)
“We are probably all familiar with what I’ll baptize the Weeknight Wine Conundrum: it’s been a long day, and we want nothing more than a glass or two of tasty red to wash down a quick and simple dinner—but naturally, we hesitate to open a whole bottle. Tenuta La Pergola’s Monferrato Rosso could be your savior when you are faced with this unfortunate dilemma. At a price that encourages weeknight consumption, this humble blend of Barbera, Dolcetto, Bonarda, and other grapes indigenous to Italy’s Piedmont offers juicy refreshment and versatility when you most need it. Saturated with berry fruit, floral aromatics, and earthy nuances, it will pair effortlessly with your laziest efforts in the kitchen and shines alongside take-out pizza. If you don’t finish the bottle, no worries—it can be kept for another two days or so without a problem (fridge recommended, then let it warm up to the desired temperature). And remember, there is nothing wrong with polishing off this Italian quaffer in one night!” –Anthony Lynch

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