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The wines of Bordeaux, France’s most famous wine region. (Although the Champenois might dispute that.) There are five red grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, & Petit Verdot) and three white grapes (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, & Muscadelle). 


Squadra Bianco 2014 – $12.99
Wine of the Week on sale for $9.96
(70% Catarratto, 30% Grillo; Sicily, Italy)
Calling themselves “The Squadra,” the owners of Vine Street Imports regularly bike across Italy searching out delicious, authentic wines like this organic beauty. Blended from the two indigenous Sicilian grapes, Catarratto and Grillo, it has “aromas of golden apples, just ripe banana and lemon curd.” The palate is full of minerals, with “salty golden apple and peach flavors.”

Château Petit Mouta Graves Blanc 2014 – $13.99
Tasting Price – $12.59
(92% Sauvignon Blanc, 8% Semillon; Bordeaux, France)
“Nose: Pine and acacias bouquets, at whose feet the grapes have emerged.
Palate: Quite fleshy and round, this wine has charm and a youthful grace.”

Lionel Osmin “Pied de Perdrix” 2014 – $10.99
Tasting Price – $9.89
(100% Partridge Foot, aka Malbec; Compté-Tolosan, France)
Although this wine is 100% Partridge Foot, there’s nothing fowl about it. Partridge Foot, or Pied de Perdrix as they call it in France, is a cousin of Malbec that has long been forgotten. Or maybe it’s just Malbec under a different name. Either way it’s a fabulous red wine. Juicy, a little bit chewy, tasting like a more friendly Cahors or a more interesting version of a Malbec from Argentina. But the best thing about this wine is we finally get to see what happens when the Osmins meet the Partridges. C’mon, Get Happy!

Château Lieumenant Bordeaux Supérior Rouge 2015 – $12.99
Tasting Price – $11.69
(60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet, 10% Cabernet Franc; Bordeaux, France)
“This is a Bordeaux wine with hints of strawberry and chocolate on the nose, as well as good berry fruit with gentle tannins. It has a soft finish.Coming from an estate lying in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers this Chateau manages to conjure up some really drinkable Bordeaux at an affordable price. Run by the Carderelli family the wines offer great value for money. They outperform their price point from a region where quality is hard to find at the entry level of the market. The wines are based on soft fruity Merlot making them very approachable in youth.”

Château Vieux Duche Lalande de Pomerol 2015 – $16.99
Tasting Price – $15.29
(100% Merlot; Bordeaux, France)
“Displays aromas of black fruit with coffee and mocha characteristics. The palate suplies blueberry and mineral flavors within a tight bodied palate and supported by velvety tannins and a long, lingering finish.”

Rubus Cabernet Sauvignon California 2015 – $12.99
Wine of the Week on sale for $9.96
(100% Cabernet Sauvignon; Califoria)
You may have noticed our fondness for the Rubus brand; not hard considering we stock six of the “Rubi”wines. Created by importer Fran Kysela, these wines are remarkable values from across the globe; California, Australia, and New Zealand to be precise. Since Fran owns the label, he’s able to negotiate each year for the best wine possible. This California Cabernet has an impeccable balance of fruit, acid, and structure, along with classic cassis, mulberry and vanilla notes. Drink now, thank us later.

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