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Market Street Wineshops is also your source for a wonderful selection of beers- we stock over 400 varieties!

Our staff is passionate about helping select that perfect lager, or perhaps you would like to try some of the new local varieties of Virginia cider.

Looking for a seasonal locally crafted ale, or an imported Hefeweizen?  We have you covered.  We can also help you select a variety for that special event or dinner party that is sure to please all palates.

Weekly tastings are held every Wednesday at Market Street Wineshop Downtown for beer connoisseurs, from 5:30pm-7pm.

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Do You Have to Let Them Gose? –Beer of the Week

Do You Have to Let Them Gose? –Beer of the Week

Long Trail Brewing Company, Cranberry Gose – 6 packs A gose is an old style of unfiltered wheat beer that originated in Leipzig. Brewing with a relatively low hop content, brewers added ground coriander and, most importantly, salt to these beers. The result is a...

Berry Daze All In My Mind

Berry Daze All In My Mind

Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA Blackberries used to run rampant in California. Now what run rampant are non-official residents fearing deportation, and craft beer. Being experts in the latter, San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing gives us this blackberry IPA. Still developing...

Lord of the Dansk Mjod Mead Tasting

Lord of the Dansk Mjod Mead Tasting

DISCOVER The world's best meads from Dansk Mjod of Denmark. The Vikings were great seafarers, terrified Europe for centuries, and had great hair. They also drank excellent mead (Mjod). Come taste the beverage that made them so fearsome. Maybe it will give you great...

DISCOVER Belgian Beer February: Abbey Dubbels This Wednesday ♦ Downtown 5:30-7:00 PM TASTING EVENT Originally European monks started brewing beer for the same reason everyone else brewed beer. It was tasty, gave you your grain fix, and was safer to drink in medieval...

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