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Beer Here!

Market Street Wineshops is also your source for a wonderful selection of beers- we stock over 400 varieties!

Our staff is passionate about helping select that perfect lager, or perhaps you would like to try some of the new local varieties of Virginia cider.

Looking for a seasonal locally crafted ale, or an imported Hefeweizen?  We have you covered.  We can also help you select a variety for that special event or dinner party that is sure to please all palates.

Weekly tastings are held every Wednesday at Market Street Wineshop Downtown for beer connoisseurs, from 5:30pm-7pm.

To find out more about tastings and events, sign up for our weekly newsletter, or check out our Facebook page.



Market Street Wineshop is Closed

Market Street Wineshop is Closed

The Market Street Wineshop has closed its doors. Robert has retired from retail. And after thirty six years of six and seven days a week of retail wear and tear, it is necessary for repairs and renovation to this funky space. A new store, Market Street Wine, will open...

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Questions? Special Orders? Get In Touch

Questions? Special Orders? Get In Touch

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