After thirty-one years of the daily retail grind, I am retiring from retail and moving on. I plan on writing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. I’ve loved every minute of it, but the time has come. The good news is that the Wineshop will continue under the new ownership of our two longest term employees. (One started in 1990 and the other in 2006.) They will be starting a brand new business in this old space and plan to carry on the tradition and spirit of the Shop while giving it a jump-start for another thirty years.

With new energy you will see the Wineshop revamped and revitalized but still carrying on all the traditions and character that drew you here. In order to accomplish this, the shop will close for a few weeks in early March to replace aging floors, improve shelving and install new computers. Look in your email and social media for details of the new endeavor. It will be called Market Street Wine (see, not so different!).

Sian Richards is an actor and a singer who has fifteen years of experience in the wine business (she worked at Whole Foods before starting at the Wineshop in 2006). Her Christmas Show with Sarah White full of old time music and witty banter is one of the highlights of my year. She took an original play, “The Convolution of Pip and Twig,” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016. She has been my rock the last two years.

Thadd McQuade is an actor who has also been to Edinburgh many times. He started here in 1990 and has worked here on and off for twenty-eight years. He has spent much of his non-wineshop time teaching seminars, acting camps and classes. He has always counseled me to remain true to the spirit of the Wineshop, advice I have greatly valued over the years. The times when he has worked here have always been the best of times.

Why all the actors? I employed many artists over the years because they are the best at explaining products (wine and beer) with intangibles and great subjectivity.

Thanks for all the years of support and of sharing recipes, travel stories, wine finds and experiences, and historical debates. Some of my favorite memories are of discussions of all the consequential battles that occurred in the fields of Flanders, the three young kids who sang their “Obama Song” to me just after the 2008 election, the great wine dinners, the personal moments sharing life’s ups and downs, and helping you find the right wine for the times of your lives both large and small.


Robert Harllee

Owner, Market Street Wineshop

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