Saturday Wine Tasting: Our Easter Parade of Wines

Easter is one of the “food holidays” where we gather with family and friends at a communal table to eat, drink, and be merry. These are our favorite times. Today we taste wines we will put on our Easter table. Alsace whites are one of our all-time holiday table favorites. Auxxerois is a cousin of Chardonnay, but this one tastes a bit more like Pinot Gris. Early Mountain is producing excellent wines now, especially their Special Winemakers Series like this one. Spectacularly packaged in a champagne bottle with a bottle cap, the winery tried for a wine that is “fun, versatile, and approachable.” They’ve succeeded. Desiring a mouthful of sparkly pink goodness? This Padeiro Vinho Verde Rosé is perfect. One of our favorite Rosés of last year, it just returned. Yay! Think Gamay is just grown in Beaujolais? Nope, New Zealand dabbles in it. After tasting this charmer, we think they should major in it. Smooth, lush fruit with a lower acidity than Beaujolais and more of a depth of fruit it is the perfect Easter red. The Pilgrim is in the same vein but with a different set of flavors. 

Uptown, 2-5 pm, Saturday, 15 April 2017


  • Wolfberger, Auxerrois Alsace 2015 – $12.99
         (100% Auxerrois; Alsace, France)
  • Early Mountain, “Young White” 2016 – $16.99
         (87% Vidal Blanc, 13%Petite Manseng; Madison Co., Virginia)
  • Dom Diogo, “Padeiro” Vinho Verde Rosé 2016 – $14.99
         (100% Padeiro; Vinho Verde, Spain)
  • Te Mata, Gamay Noir 2015- $18.99
         (100% Gamay Beaujolais; Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand)
  • Pilgrim, Bierzo Mencia 2015 – $13.99
         (100% Mencia; Galacia, Spain)
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